It's true, Steven Moffet is writing a 50 year anniversary episode about ALL ELEVEN DOCTORS!!!! Somehow, even though it violates the rules of space-time (and real-time as well, three actors are dead) The Doctor will have all the previous Doctors help him. For more info, go to:
 On another note, I didn't draw the image above, I got it from Google (
The new Christmas episode is only in 10 days! Oswin Oswald is changing to Clara, and she is, as you know, the new companion. I've always wanted the doctor to travel with a Dalek. Catch the episode on December 25 on BBC America if you live in America, if you don't, ask someone else.
Who's ready for Christmas? (pun not intended) The new companion who was featured in "Asylum of the Daleks" is officially joining Doctor Who! Make sure to watch Doctor who on BBC!